Company Profile and Services Offered

The Firm

FJ Development Corp. of Illinois a full service General Contracting and management firm positioned to serve the custom residential and commercial markets.

FJ Development Corp. of Illinois's commitment to excellence is rooted in a deep sense of responsibility to its clients. Adherence to the highest quality of workmanship, professional management, and maintaining cutting edge building and estimating technology are the standards by which FJ Development Corp. defines its place among the nations most respected builders.

FJ Development Corp. of Illinois has remained a family business for twenty-five years. Today, John Friedberg is President, with a loyal, knowledgeable, and experienced crew. The average tenure with the company is over ten years (and many have worked together for over twenty years), so even those who are not related are like family. This atmosphere is the key to quality and success: If we do not provide clients top quality and service, we are not only disappointing the clients, but letting-down the family.

Whether a project is large or small, high-end or mid-range, the prevailing trend today in construction is to provide uncompromising emphasis on service, quality workmanship, conscientious field supervision and efficient business practices - all at competitive prices. When hiring a construction company, most clients feel 'partnering' is necessary to create the sense of 'shared ownership' that ensures a project is handled correctly from concept through completion.


FJ Development Corp. of Illinois is committed to quality construction and excellent service, with an unparalleled ability to complete aesthetically, structurally, and organizationally demanding projects on time and with unmatched quality.

Pre-Construction Services

FJ Development Corp. of Illinois quickly responds to the needs of customers who are in the early stages of project development. Fast-track techniques are applied where information is limited or preliminary in nature. Our preconstruction services consist of the following:

  • Work with project architects and engineers to value engineer the project for the owners benefit.

  • Submit drawings to the building departments for plan review and track progress.

  •  Actively defend/represent client’s interests to minimize costs, maintain quality, develop and control schedules, etc.

  • Contact subcontractors for bidding process.

The preconstruction phase of a project is as critical as the construction itself. There is no substitute for proper planning.

Construction Services

We take pride in the quality of our projects and the construction phase allows for the coordinated activities of many team members to occur. It is the opportunity to see a dream become reality. The following highlights the main activities of the construction phase:

  • Coordinate and negotiate all vendor packages and budgets.

  • Award contracts to qualified subcontracts.

  • Finalize schedules.

  • Review drawings with superintendent.

  • Continue to review the current design criteria to establish efficiencies and buying discounts, etc.

  • Coordinate the construction of the project.

  • Implement management control of all project activities from FJ Development Corp.'s home base to the site.

  • Process subcontractor invoices.

  • Maintain and update all related project accounting including timely and well supported monthly billings and disbursements, budgets and change orders.

  • Perform site visits as needed.

  • Review actual costs to budget estimates.

Post - Construction Services

  • Prepare all closeout activities including punch list, warranty, systems start-up and training, as-built drawings and schedules. Conduct post job inspection and review, warranty fulfillment.

  • Obtain final inspections and Certificate of Occupancy.

  • Summarize project budgets, actual costs and approved change orders.

FJ Development Corp. of Illinois utilizes an effective project delivery system. Although we manage our projects with a team approach, we demand individual performance and responsibility. We take a pro active approach to problem solving, teamwork, and the desire to achieve the project objectives. The success of this approach is reflected in the quality of the finished product and the satisfaction of the client.

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